30 June 2015

Baby Shoes - Simplicity 2278

I made these baby shoes using Simplicity pattern 2278. They were quite fiddly, which is to be expected because they're so small. I'm really happy with how they turned out and they're pretty damn cute.

Pattern: Simplicity 2278 - View B, C & D
Size: Small 
Alterations: None
Would I make these again? Yes

Puperita's Two Strawberries Romper

After my disappointment with Butterick 5624 pattern I really wanted to find another pattern that was similar and after my success using Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants I thought I'd give her Two Strawberries Pattern a go. I'm so glad I did because I love how this turned out and it was so much quicker than the Butterick pattern.

It comes in two variations; tie shoulder straps and button straps. I used bias tape around the raw edge instead of a narrow hem because I hate doing narrow hems! Next time I use this pattern I might use thinner bias tape to reduce some of the bulk in the straps. I added some 'fake' pipping using bias tape when I attached the bodice to the pants and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Once again I used snaps instead of buttons for the crotch and side seams, I just can't get enough of them!

Pattern: Puperita's Two Strawberries, View B
Size: Newborn
Alterations: Snaps instead of buttons and bias tape to finish raw edges instead of a narrow hem.
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely! I will also be making the other version as well.

Butterick 5624 Romper

I made this romper using Butterick pattern 5624. In all honesty I really didn't like the pattern or the process of putting it together, but the end result is nice. This should have been really simple, easy and quick to put together but it took my ages. There were so many overly fiddly and unnecessary things to do and I thought to myself the whole way through 'Why did you do it this way?'.

Instead of using buttons for the back and crotch I used my new KAM snaps. I'm absolutely in love with snaps now! I wish I had found them early; they are so easy to put on and come in so many fun colours.

Pattern: Butterick 5624 - View C
Size: Newborn
Alterations: Used snaps instead of buttons
Would I use this pattern again? Unfortunately not; which is disappointing

Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants

I'm so in love with these little pants! I used Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants pattern that I bought off Etsy. I have been searching high and low for baby harem pants that use woven fabric and not knit fabric and I found it; although you can use either with this pattern. The yellow floral pair is my favourite; I just can't enough of the flowers! I bought fabric as a vintage pillow case at an antiques fair ages ago and have been saving it for something special.

They came together super quickly and using the ribbing fabric wasn't as hard as I had anticipated. I haven't used ribbing since I made a jumper in year 7 textiles class! The pattern and instructions are really clear and it has heaps of tips for sewing with knit and ribbing fabric. I'll definitely be trying this pattern with some knit fabric soon as well.

The ankle and waist bands are quite long so you can turned them up or leave them as they are which is really handy.

Pattern: Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants
Size: Newborn
Alterations: None
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely!

Purl Bee Newborn Kimono Shirts

These little baby kimono shirts using Purl Bee's free pattern and tutorial were so quick and easy to put together. Instead of concealed press studs I used snaps to add a little bit of colour and I also used my own bias tape for the edging.

Pattern: Purl Bee Newborn Kimono Shirt
Size: Newborn
Alterations: Snaps used instead of press studs
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

8 June 2015

Mr Basil Fox

I made Miss Maggie Rabbit a friend; Mr Basil Fox! I used Alicia Paulson's pattern for Mr Fox and I drafted my own clothes patterns for him.

I'm a bit disappointed with myself because I didn't check that I had selected 'Actual Size' when printing so Mr Basil is a bit smaller than Miss Maggie. Oh well, I suppose everyone's different!

Pattern: Mr Basil Fox by Alicia Paulson
Alterations: Used own clothes pattern
Would I use this pattern again? Absolutely!

Baby Romper & Shoes - Simplicity 1600

I love how this romper turned out, it's my favourite so far. I sewed view B, size XXS using Simplicity 1600 pattern. I also made some matching shoes using PooPockets Three Seam Baby Footies pattern, interesting name I know! All up the romper and shoes only took an afternoon to come together.

The romper pattern is a reprint of a vintage pattern and this is quite evident through the construction. I much prefer the 'old' way of doing things when it comes to sewing.  The waist and leg castings use bias tape which adds a cute pop of colour.

I recently bought some snaps pliers so I used these for the straps instead of velcro. Next time I sew this I'll add some snaps to the inner leg seams instead of just sewing them closed for convenience.

Pattern: Simplicity 1600 - View B
Size: XXS
Alterations: Added snaps to the straps instead of velcro
Would I use this pattern again? Absolutely!

Pattern: PooPockets Three Seam Baby Footies
Size: 0-3 months
Alterations: Non
Would I use this pattern again? Maybe

Purl Bee Lamb's Ear Bonnet

I made two sizes of Purl Bee's Lamb Bonnet, one for a friends daughter and one for myself. They came together in an afternoon an were super easy to sew. I used a walking foot like suggested and had no problem sewing the fleece. The main part of the bonnet is the Winter Baby Bonnet with added lamb's ears. I will definitely be sewing more of these in the future and I'll give the Winter Baby Bonnet a try as well. 

Size: 0-3 months and 3-6 months
Alterations: None
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely 

7 June 2015

Herbal Bath Teas

I made myself some herbal bath teas recently. They were really easy to make and are a lovely addition to a nice warm bath. All you have to do is place the bag in a glass bowl and pour hot water over it and let steep for 10 minuets before adding to the bath. I like to keep the bag in the bath as well, occasionally squeezing it release more tea. I made the rectangular bags out of muslin that I picked up from Spotlight and placed 25g of herbs inside.

I used these the following herbs in equal parts for my bath teas:

Relaxing Blend
Calendula Petals
Rose Buds

Anti-Inflammatory Blend
Calendula Petals

8 May 2015

Cipher Wheel Coded Message

My first cipher coded letter! I used a members printable from the Letter Writers Alliance and had so much fun doing so.

Snail Mail Folder

I sent of this snail mail folder to my friend in Canberra this week. I added in a small origami crane and tea sampler from Adore Tea.

Geek Girls Chocolate Swap

I recently joined the International Geek Girl Pen Pals and signed up for one of their swaps, this time a chocolate swap. I was paired with someone in Canada and sent of my Australia chocolates to her, can't wait to receive mine!

2 May 2015

Quick Red Fox

I made this cutie using the Quick Red Fox pattern from Fiona Dalton's book 'Hop Skip Jump'. I really enjoyed sewing him, he used techniques I hadn't used before, so it was a bit of a challenge. Attaching the arms was a bit of a bit tricky and I think it's a technique that I need to practise more but I like how his arms move. Next time I use this pattern I'll sew on the eyes and whiskers before constructing him for a neater finish. I can't wait to sew more toys from this book.

Pattern: Quick Red Fox in Hop Skip Jump book by Fiona Dalton
Alterations: Used satin stitch to create nose instead of pom pom
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

19 April 2015

Amy Butler Domestic Goddess Aprons

I really love Amy Butler's Domestic Goddess Apron pattern. I've made a few in the past and treated myself with some nice fabric from Treehouse Textiles for my birthday. I made two because I like to have a spare apron to offer to guests when they come over and cook with me. It was the first sewing project I've done since my hand surgery and it was very satisfying getting back on the machine.

I find Amy Butler's patterns really nice to work with, she has a real eye for detail. The only downfall of them is the instructions don't come with many pictures, so if you're reliant on them it may seem a bit overwhelming but well worth the effort.

Style: Half apron with short ties.
Alterations: Moved tea towel loop further to the back
Would I use this pattern again? Yeap

27 March 2015

Miss Maggie Rabbit

I'm in love with Miss Maggie Rabbit, she is just too cute! I used Alicia Paulson's pattern and love it so much I bought the felt and patterns to make Mr Basil Fox, Miss Phyllis Mouse and Miss Juniper Kitty. I made her clothes out of my own patterns and love her little felt coat. Quite a fiddly pattern but well worth the work, can't wait till all four of them can have little tea parties. 

Alterations: Didn't use the clothes patterns provided
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely

Baby Romper - New Look 6970

Another baby romper, this time with super cute whale fabric. This pattern has snaps on the inner leg seam. Very clear and easy pattern.

Pattern: New Look 6970, View A
Size: New Born
Alterations: Shortened leg elastics
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Bonnet - Purl Bee

This is my first baby bonnet! I will definitely be making more of these!

Pattern: Baby Sunbonnet - Purl Soho
Size: 0-3 Months
Alterations: None
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Romper - New Look 6134

This is the first romper I've made an I absolutely adore it, so cute! I added an additional set of button holes on the straps for practicality.

Pattern: New Look 6134, View C
Size: New Born 
Alterations: Shortened leg and waist elastics. Added additional set of button holes to the straps
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Bloomers

This year Dan and myself are getting our bodies and minds baby ready for next year, it's all very excited and I can't resist making tiny clothes and toys for our future bub. This was the first thing I made were these itsy bloomers using this pattern by This Mama Sews Stuff.

Pattern: Baby Bloomers by This Mama Makes Stuff
Size: 0-3 months
Alterations: Made a casing for leg elastics instead of sewing directly onto fabric

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