27 March 2015

Miss Maggie Rabbit

I'm in love with Miss Maggie Rabbit, she is just too cute! I used Alicia Paulson's pattern and love it so much I bought the felt and patterns to make Mr Basil Fox, Miss Phyllis Mouse and Miss Juniper Kitty. I made her clothes out of my own patterns and love her little felt coat. Quite a fiddly pattern but well worth the work, can't wait till all four of them can have little tea parties. 

Alterations: Didn't use the clothes patterns provided
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely

Baby Romper - New Look 6970

Another baby romper, this time with super cute whale fabric. This pattern has snaps on the inner leg seam. Very clear and easy pattern.

Pattern: New Look 6970, View A
Size: New Born
Alterations: Shortened leg elastics
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Bonnet - Purl Bee

This is my first baby bonnet! I will definitely be making more of these!

Pattern: Baby Sunbonnet - Purl Soho
Size: 0-3 Months
Alterations: None
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Romper - New Look 6134

This is the first romper I've made an I absolutely adore it, so cute! I added an additional set of button holes on the straps for practicality.

Pattern: New Look 6134, View C
Size: New Born 
Alterations: Shortened leg and waist elastics. Added additional set of button holes to the straps
Would I use this pattern again? Yes

Baby Bloomers

This year Dan and myself are getting our bodies and minds baby ready for next year, it's all very excited and I can't resist making tiny clothes and toys for our future bub. This was the first thing I made were these itsy bloomers using this pattern by This Mama Sews Stuff.

Pattern: Baby Bloomers by This Mama Makes Stuff
Size: 0-3 months
Alterations: Made a casing for leg elastics instead of sewing directly onto fabric

Blue Wrap Dress

I recently made this wrap dress from my own pattern. I absolutely love the fabric and was saving it for a long time and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Photos taken by my wonderful friend Ashlee Davis.

Anatomical Eye Embroidery

Here's another anatomical embroidery. I stitched this one whilst I was on my honeymoon in Cambodia so it's very dear to me.

Flower Crowns

I love making flower crowns! Over Easter and New Years I put of flower crown craft-a-noons for my friends and these are what I've made of the last few years. I like to use aluminium floristry wire for the 'band' because you can mould them perfectly to your head and you don't get a headache from tight elastic. I don't buy fancy flowers, just ones from $2 shops and eBay and they always do the job.

Woven Pooled Scarf

This was a really fun experiment making a pooled scarf. You warp the loom so that the different colours of the yarn 'pool' together and you end up with a gradient effect. For more info check out my Ravelry page.

26 March 2015

Anatomical Brain Embroidery

I added to my anatomical embroideries with this brain. It took me a lot long to finish than the heart but it was well worth it.


Yarn Organisation

Since receiving my loom for my birthday my yarn stash has gone up dramatically and I really wanted a fun way of displaying it all. I made this yarn peg board with the help of Knits for Life and The Dapper Toad tutorials. I ended up shaping my own pegs from wire instead of buying store bought ones. I found the prices for pegs in Australia was ridiculous; 3 for $3 and I needed over 50 of them! The reel of wire only cost me $5 and I still have half of it left over. The only problem with this system is that my cats like to pick off the balls and eat them.

Leasha's Birthday Scarf

I made this scarf for my sister-in-laws birthday and I absolutely love the monochromatic colours. I order the Tosh DK yarn by Madelinetosh especially for this scarf and it was gorgeous to work with, will definitely be buying more. More photos and details available on my Ravelry page.

Anatomical Heart Embroidery

This is the first anatomical embroidery I've done and there are lots more to come! I made this one as a decoration at our wedding.

Ness's Birthday Scarf

I had lots of fun making this scarf, I absolutely love the colours and textures of the yarn. For more photos and details please visit my Ravelry page.

Benn's Birthday Scarf

I made this scarf for my brothers birthday. I had a bit of trouble with uneven yarn shrinkage after washing this one. It was the first time I've encountered it but managed to stretch it out a bit whilst it was drying. For more photos and technical details please visit my Ravelry page.

Geometric Embroidery

I made this set of Embroidery's for my friend Ash for her birthday, I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Blue and Green Woven Scarf

This was the first scarf I made for myself using my rigid heddle loom. For more photo's and technical details about this scarf please visit my Ravelry page. 

Nana's Woven Scarf

I wouldn't usually pick such girly colours but Nana insisted on pink for her woven scarf! There are more details about the yarn used in this scarf on my Ravelry page. I also made a little info card with care instructions and samples of the yarn.

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