19 April 2015

Amy Butler Domestic Goddess Aprons

I really love Amy Butler's Domestic Goddess Apron pattern. I've made a few in the past and treated myself with some nice fabric from Treehouse Textiles for my birthday. I made two because I like to have a spare apron to offer to guests when they come over and cook with me. It was the first sewing project I've done since my hand surgery and it was very satisfying getting back on the machine.

I find Amy Butler's patterns really nice to work with, she has a real eye for detail. The only downfall of them is the instructions don't come with many pictures, so if you're reliant on them it may seem a bit overwhelming but well worth the effort.

Style: Half apron with short ties.
Alterations: Moved tea towel loop further to the back
Would I use this pattern again? Yeap

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