8 June 2015

Baby Romper & Shoes - Simplicity 1600

I love how this romper turned out, it's my favourite so far. I sewed view B, size XXS using Simplicity 1600 pattern. I also made some matching shoes using PooPockets Three Seam Baby Footies pattern, interesting name I know! All up the romper and shoes only took an afternoon to come together.

The romper pattern is a reprint of a vintage pattern and this is quite evident through the construction. I much prefer the 'old' way of doing things when it comes to sewing.  The waist and leg castings use bias tape which adds a cute pop of colour.

I recently bought some snaps pliers so I used these for the straps instead of velcro. Next time I sew this I'll add some snaps to the inner leg seams instead of just sewing them closed for convenience.

Pattern: Simplicity 1600 - View B
Size: XXS
Alterations: Added snaps to the straps instead of velcro
Would I use this pattern again? Absolutely!

Pattern: PooPockets Three Seam Baby Footies
Size: 0-3 months
Alterations: Non
Would I use this pattern again? Maybe


  1. Lovely! Do you think that a beginner could do this project.

    1. I think the bias tape would be tricky for a beginner and also if you choose to do buttons instead of snaps. Always worth a try, even if it doesn't work out exactly how you want you will have learnt a lot in the process. Good luck!


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