30 June 2015

Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants

I'm so in love with these little pants! I used Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants pattern that I bought off Etsy. I have been searching high and low for baby harem pants that use woven fabric and not knit fabric and I found it; although you can use either with this pattern. The yellow floral pair is my favourite; I just can't enough of the flowers! I bought fabric as a vintage pillow case at an antiques fair ages ago and have been saving it for something special.

They came together super quickly and using the ribbing fabric wasn't as hard as I had anticipated. I haven't used ribbing since I made a jumper in year 7 textiles class! The pattern and instructions are really clear and it has heaps of tips for sewing with knit and ribbing fabric. I'll definitely be trying this pattern with some knit fabric soon as well.

The ankle and waist bands are quite long so you can turned them up or leave them as they are which is really handy.

Pattern: Puperita's Jungle Baby Pants
Size: Newborn
Alterations: None
Would I use this pattern again? Definitely!

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